HTML articles incrusted in article link main page, not as an archive

I would really thank if you could provide me a resource, a plugin or a tip in order to can publish our articles not only in PDF or in HTML (linking an archive).
I can only provide in galley (in production phase) archives with different formats (HTML, PDF…) but they appear as that, as “external” links.
In the main page of the article published only appear the abstract, the keywords, authors list, references…
But not the article in HTML.

I don’t know how some publishers can do it.
As examples:

I really like this mode. This is a great exposure of contents, but I don’t know how to make it.


Hi @Isabel-M,

PubMedCentral has the benefit of high-quality XML in the JATS format, which permits great flexibility in presenting the full-text. Most journals (outside of medicine) don’t have that kind of quality as it’s expensive to produce – transforming e.g. a word processor document into JATS XML can involve a lot of labour. We’re working on a tool called Open Typesetting Stack to aid in the transformation.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you, Alec.