Html articles do not display images

Hi, I see there is a lot of queries on how to correctly display figures on the html/xml version of an accepted article but - as I am having the same problem and do not understand where I should store images - is there possibly some guidance to assist at the start of the process? thanks in advance!


In the HTML file link the images without any path. For example <img src="image1.jpg">.

After you have uploaded the HTML galley file, click the blue triangle in front of the file and choose “Edit”. The window that is opened has files grid that you can use to upload images that you attach to the HTML galley. Make sure the names match with the ones you used in the HTML file.


Hi all,

The same should work for XML galleys. Support for the dependent files grid (which lists image/media content) was only recently added to XML galleys, so make sure you’re using a recent release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thank you all! it now works fine (or so I hope…)