Html articles after upgrade to ojs3

After upgrading to ojs 3 we have a problem with our html articles.
If I deactivate the html gallery plugin the file is downloaded if I activate the gallery a tiny (15% width ?) frame opens with the html article. But without all the rest of the site (header, footer, sidebar).

has anyone an idea?


Can you provide link or post screenshot?

this is ojs3

and this is how it used to be

Did you try other boostrap themes such as Sandbox, Flatly…?

indeed, there is an issue with the theme. I went back to the default theme and the frame now is 100%. but the header, footer and sidebar are still missing

I noticed that Boostrap puts html galley in iframe which is strange from my point of view. Such an iframe makes html galley unreadable. I think that @NateWr can help in that issue since he is expert in GUI and Boostrap.

And there should be?

Isue is that iframe is not always the best option for display and iframes are not always safe. In addition, it displays it in very small part of screen so it looks like post stamp :confused:

in ojs2 the html was displayed alongside the usual header, footer…( and I have know idea to get them back.

As I know, it is not the case in OJS 3+


How did you get the html in an iframe?