How using OSJ and wordpress!

I would like to install OJS at my site.

However I have some problems

I try to do it by this guidance

I installed wordpress plugin successfully and OJS Rest plugin (GitHub - mcrider/rest: A gateway plugin for Open Journal Systems that allows external applications to make HTTP requests for information about a journal, returning JSON-formatted data.)

but i can not manage wordpress “ojs Import Settings” for importing articles from ojs

Can anyone help me?

I am pretty sure that the integration described there does not work anymore with the latest versions OJS or Wordpress. Definitely not with OJS3.

There was some work done last Fall with an OJS Rest API which could be used to create such integration (of course not directly, but it would be a basis for it).

@asmecher knows best what the situation is with REST? (because I am interested as well :D)

I tested it with OJS 2.4.8

It could just be that the current Wordpress version does not support the plugin anymore. Maybe someone else has experimented with that?

@ajnyga You could maybe alternatively connect both system via the RSS feed of OJS and a plugin like this: RSS Post Importer – WordPress plugin |

@journal as I heard from one of the developers, REST API is at very early stages right know.

Thanks, I am currently not doing any integration between OJS and WP but would have some other plans for the REST when it is ready. The problem with RSS is that you are usually stuck with a list of latest articles whereas with REST you can define what you need yourself.

Maybe there is a wordpress plugin for OAI-PMH one could use alternatively.