How to use the metadata of the journal and the articles?

I’m looking for several data created in the journal’s settings and during submission and edit process. Where are they?

I wrote some text into Distribution Settings:Permissions:Copyright Notice. I found it in About:Submissions, in Submission page, and in Article page but I can’t find metadata in HTML code of this pages?
I checked “Author” in Distribution Settings:Permissions:Copyright Holder, but I can’t find it anywhere?
I wrote a license and the URL into Distribution Settings:Permissions:License, but I can’t find it anywhere?
I wrote some text into Submission and Publication Metadata:Rights of an article to overwrite the journals settings, but I can’t find it anywhere? In the Article page is only an empty tag “DC.Rights”.

I wrote meta tags into Distribution Settings:Indexing:Custom Tags. It seems the tags are in all pages. Okay!
I added keywords into Submission and Publication Metadata:Keywords of an article, but I can’t find it anywhere? It would be great if these keywords overwrite the journal’s tags in the Article page.

Finally the authors (if permitted) or the editor can add several Submission and Publication Metadata e.g. source, subjects, disciplines, support and references, but I can’t find them in the website?

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Hi @egroll,

As to the keywords, I described the issue here:

Unfortunately, the exact part of the issue, dealing with metatags proper, was struck out, so I cannot say what might be its status now.
UPD: I’ve gotten it back, if there are no objections.

Hi @egroll,

On permissions, these are managed on a per-submission basis, which would e.g. allow a journal to evolve over time without requiring it to re-license all old content. When you publish an article, the current permissions from the journal settings are stamped onto it, and will be displayed with the article.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Input and output of rights and license are now correct! I summarize:

When an article is assigned to the issue, the copyright (entered under Distribution Settings: Permissions: Base new article’s copyright year on and Distribution Settings: Permissions: Copyright Holder) and the license (entered under Distribution Settings: Permissions: License) go to the article.

The copyright is indicated in the metadata as “DC.Rights” e.g. “Copyright (c) 2017 Author 1, etc.”.

The license is included in the metadata as “DC.Rights” e.g. “” and visible on the article page at the bottom right. Followed by the copyright notice (entered under Distribution Settings: Copyright notice) if is one.

The references are visible now on the article page.

However, the keywords of the article (entered under Submission and Publication Metadata: Keywords) are still not found (version 3.0.2). As well as subjects, disciplines, support.

Hi @egroll,

Those other fields are presented via OAI, Dublin Core, Google Scholar meta tags, etc. – but we don’t currently have a lot of flexibility in choosing what’s displayed on the article view page for readers to see.

@NateWr is doing some work on this, but since people are probably going to want some control over how the data is presented, the best thing is probably a combination of theme options (to choose what data is displayed) and custom theming (to arrange it to your taste).

Child themes, for example, can be used to override a single theme for custom presentation. With one of these, it would be possible to construct your own article view template (presenting the metadata how you want it) and otherwise rely on another theme for presentation. We’re working on some documentation for this too.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher,

thank you for your answer.

I’ve read about @NateWr’s work on the keywords and will be patient.

A child theme is probably the best solution. I’ll start right away.

Best wishes