How to use recaptcha in OJS

I recently upgraded to OJS and want use recaptcha on the registration form. In 2.2.4 we just enabled it in the config file.

I just need to know what step are needed to implement it and if I need reCaptcha v2.

Thanks for help in accomplishing this. OJS is a wonderful system improvement.


I have obtained my site and secret keys as well as two scripts. So that is done or at least I think.

I tried to enable recaptcha as follows. How can I implement this???

Thanks in advance! OJS is great!!! :grinning:

I placed these lines in

allow_url_fopen = on

recaptcha = on

;Public key for reCaptcha (see

;recaptcha_public_key = your_public_key

recaptcha_public_key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

;Private key for reCaptcha (see

;recaptcha_private_key = your_private_key

recaptcha_private_key = yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

; Whether or not to use Captcha on user registration

captcha_on_register = on

I also commented out the captcha lines in

The bottom of the Register page does not show a recaptcha.

Register page Bottom

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Well I finally was able to get it working. :grinning:

Hopefully this will be valuable to other users as it worked for me.

I commented out the reCaptcha lines in and left allow_url_fopen set to on in that file.

I inserted the lines for reCaptcha (see above) in

Here is the bottom of the register page. I test it with a new user and unless the form is completely filled in one cannot proceed. Once these were filled in the reCapthca took me through a whole series of clicking on boxes before I finally was able to confirm that I was not a robot.

Register page Bottom reCaptcha Working