How to use Given Name and Family Name fields separately?

Hi, all!
In article view is used Preferred Public Name field (for authors). How can we use Given Name and Family Name ?
(Multilanguage site on OJS

Hi, @natewr!
Can you help to solve the question?
How to get the fields Given Name and Family Name in OJS 3?
In Russian it is important.

Hi @Spaik,

To do this, you would need to use a custom theme and overwrite the article_details.tpl and article_summary.tpl template. This requires writing code. If you’re comfortable writing code, you can learn about theming in our theming guide.

In these template files, the author’s given and family name can be retrieved with the following code:

{$article->getData('givenName')} {$article->getData('familyName')}

@natewr, thank you for your answer!
I have added this in article_details.tpl, but nothing is changed )
The code:

{foreach from=$article->getAuthors() item=author}
							<span class="name">

Try clearing your template cache from the Administration menu. Also, check to ensure the file you edited is the one which your theme is using (it may be overridden within the theme).

That’s my mistake! {$article->getData('givenName')} should be {$author->getData('givenName')}. Same for familyName.

I tried yesterday this ). In both cases php returns “Array”.
Maybe another parameter is needed?

Ah, I forgot that this is localized so it can be in multiple languages if the site supports multiple languages. Use this instead:


You can learn more about our DataObject classes in our developer documentation.

Oh, great! This works ). Thank you so much! Thank you also for the link to the documentation.

Maybe, can you help with another question :?).
If it is not too … )

In the submission form, step 1, the Section field is not visible. It was used, but now it is disappeared.
There is 6 sections in journal. This problem is for all users.

Please open a new topic to ask this question. You can tag me to make sure I see it. This helps ensure that people looking for answer to the question later can more easily find it.