How to update Editorial team

Hi, I have added some new editors to my OJS recently and even though the Editorial Team is on automatic mode, the Editorial Team page doesn’t show any signs of updating. I’ve already cleared browser cache to no avail. Is there something I can do?

To confirm, under User Home → Journal Manager → Masthead, you have selected “OJS lists people in Editorial Team under assigned roles (Journal Manager, Copyeditor, etc.)”?

And the Editorial Team page you are viewing is [journalname]/about/editorialTeam ?

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Yes, that is correct

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Follow the above instructions.

What instructions? Like I said before, it’s already set and it is not working.

Hi @sienp2016,

If you’re having trouble changing settings in general, then it may be that you have a file permissions problem in your cache/ subdirectory. Double-check that permissions are correct there; you could try deleting all .php files from that directory and seeing if they’re automatically re-generated.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, @asmecher,

No, my problem is just with this page. Maybe I wasn’t clear. If so, I’m sorry. The problem is: the newly added editors don’t show on the Editorial Team page even though I’ve marked the option “OJS lists people in Editorial Team under assigned roles (Journal Manager, Copyeditor, etc.)”.

I’m not sure what you mean by permissions on cache/ directory, could you be more specific? I’m new to this stuff.

The webserver needs to be able to read and write to all the files and directories in the “cache” directory under the OJS root. This is managed via 1) the ownership of the files and directories and 2) the permissions of the files and directories. In linux, the web user is often “nobody”, “www” or “apache”. You probably want the web user to be the owner of the the cache directory and all files under it, with permissions set so that the owner and the group can write to the files, but others can only read the files.

Alright, I’ll try this up

It turned out that my colleague didn’t save the users as Editors, so the page wouldn’t update. We switched to manual mode, though, cause it fits our purposes best. Thanks a lot for your help!