How to unassign a reviewer after they agree to review? [OJS3.1.0.1]


I noticed, that the ‘unassign’ button in the reviewer section disappears once they agree to do the review. Is that intentional? Sometimes, the reviewer agrees but never hands in a review or is tremendously late. How do I remove such a reviewer / retract a request after they agreed to review and send the according email?


I have noticed the same problem. I guess that is a bug, right @asmecher ?

Regards, Primož

I am faced with the same problem.
Listed here too:
Apparently, this issue is known to developers:

Hi @afisher,

Thank you for the confirmation. Regarding the proposal from @asmecher, it is really comperhensive. I asked only for removing the reviewers and the proposal is much more, great.

Regards, Primož

Dear all

Is it possible to unassign a reviewer from database or reviewer unassign himself from an article?


I have the same problem. Is there any quick solution?