How to sort All Enrolled Users by date added

In OJS, I would like to sort the list of All Enrolled users not by family name but by the date added (date registered).
I was wondering which is the file and what is the function that I have to modify by SQL query in order to achieve what I want.
The purpose is to be able to easily see which are the latest users to OJS from within the OJS.

The URL of manager/people/all points us to the pages/manager to find the handler. Within the PeopleHandler, we find the definition of the sort:

It is passed to the Data Access Object here (for role-specific searches):

Or here (for searches not limited by a role):

The field that you are interested in is probably users.date_registered:

If you wanted to display that on the screen for sorting, note that the Handler calls the manager/people/enrollment.tpl:

See that template here:

Dear ctgraham,

Thanks for your explanation, however, I was unable to figure out how to edit all these files. I am not a computer specialist, so only by looking at the code, I was not able to figure how to edit all these files collectively. I tried single file edits that did not seem to work.

Is it possible to request inclusion of a sort button by “users date added” in future ojs release. For a journal manager this makes a lot of sense, because sometimes is it necessary to identify newly registered users without knowing their e-mail or name - one such example may be in case of registration of people who are trying to exploit the OJS in a criminal manner.