How to show journal statistics for readers/guest

in OJS 2.x we can set the statistics and show it to the reader like this image

is it possible for OJS 3.x to show(make it public access) the statistics or report for readers


Hi @kbh,

Yes, we’d love to offer this in the future. This is listed as a major feature in our roadmap (under the Statistics category). We have a more detailed issue filed which outlines some of the different use-cases for public statistics.

If you think there’s anything we’re missing in that issue description please feel free to comment there or follow-up here.

We don’t have this work scheduled at the moment, which means we don’t expect it to be available in the near future. But we certainly would like to provide it when we can get to it.

Sorry, I see now that you were referring to the editorial statistics, rather than the article usage statistics. For that, the better issue to read about is where we talk about displaying indicators of journal integrity:

This is also filed in our roadmap and is work that we’d like to move forward on if we can find funding to do so.

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