How to show and hyperlink "Coverage" terms


When I import articles into my database I always use the “coverage” feature. Thankfully, users can search these terms in the advanced search area. However, I would like them to appear in a similar way to Keywords. However, even the keywords are not hyperlinked in on the abstract page (at least in my installation—see here for an example). Is there a way to get the Coverage terms to show, and to hyperlink them and the Keywords?

Many thanks

Hi @jamilj,

Linking the keywords on the abstract page will require a bit of template work – in particular, you’d need to work the keywordCloud plugin’s approach to keywords (plugins/blocks/keywordCloud) into the article view (templates/article/article.tpl).

Coverage terms are a bit more complicated; they’re designed as plain-text fields, not tags. If your metadata is already consistent, you could probably accomplish the linking entirely in Javascript on the front-end.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team