How to send the email from University address instead of journal mailbox


We are a group of people working at an university, and currently running a journal, which is hosted by bluehost. We found that a lot of emails that sent from journal’s email address to authors went to their spam folders. We are wondering if we can send emails through our university address, therefore they won’t be treated as spam. Does OJS has this function? Where can I configure it?

Many thanks!


To send your emails via your University’s service, you would need to use SMTP. See

Thank you ctgraham for your help! How many university email accounts can be used in OJS? Is there any place during the registration (or journal setup) that we can setup the email SMTP?


At this time, SMTP can only be setup at the server level in

At the journal level, in Setup Step 1.2, you set the Principal Contact. As of the latest versions of OJS this email address will be used for all mail sending (for SPF compliance), with reply-tos of the intended “sender”.