How to Remove Versions Once Created


We are using In order to edit an article already published, I created a “new version” of the article. Unfortunately, now I have come to realize that it is best to just publish and unpublish an article, instead of having different versions of it. Is there a way to remove the different versions once you created them and just leave one version? Thank you in advance.

It is not possible to delete one of the versions via the journal management panel. However, you can unpublish any version if you want.
A little knowledge of the database is needed to completely delete the new version.
When a new version is created, some information is recreated in the “publications”, “publication_settings”, “publication_galleys” tables in the database. In order to delete it completely, it is necessary to delete the information of the new version in the tables in the database.

Maybe in the next versions of OJS, there will be a feature to delete article versions from the journal management panel.

I’ve solved the issue in another way. Thank you for the reply!