How to remove theme based settings from "Ad Block" blocks

When I create ads using the Ad Block Manager (Custom Block) tool, I get theme based add-ons added to the content in the block. How can I turn that off and keep the theme in place? Thank you.
Example: on the right are two ad blocks (one for ICOO and one for INRC) and we want the green bands top and bottom to go away.

As a followon, how can I get the graphics to automatically scale to size? Note these are set to 250 wide and when the browser window is reduced, the graphic grows out the side of the ad block unit.

Thank you!

Hi, if you have access to this css file:

you can modify it adding in the last line this:

#sidebar div.block.custom {
    background: initial;
#sidebar div.block.custom img {
    width: 100%;


Holy cow, that works nice. WHY does it work? Is there documentation that would be helpful in learing this stuff?

Thank you Enzo!

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You’re welcome.
It’s is CSS behavior, you can look for it.


Thanks Enzo,

“Look for it” where? Would love to find the documentation for this! Cheers!

Something like this: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Web is a mine for stuff like this.