How to register DOI of articles in future issues using Crossref XML Plugin


I wish to register DOI with Crossref using Crossref XML export plugin in OJS. But when I navigate to the plugin, future issues is not appearing in the drop down list of issues even though the articles parked in them have a DOI assigned and carries a publication date as well (postdated).

Please suggest how to proceed. I am using the latest OJS version.

You need to publish the issue first. Registration of unpublished articles is not possible.

Then how to register accepted research papers scheduled for publication in the forthcoming issues of the journal (say August 2022) but will published at a later date i.e. after 2-3 months. These papers are fully ready journal articles (except the galley file) that have landing pages as well as DOI assigned to them

Crossref supports so-called pending publications since 2019 (see ), but I am not aware that OJS and its Crossref export plugin supports that.
As a workaround, you could create a so called “Online First” or “Early View” or “Advance Online Publications” issue that is a yearly issue, backdated to 2022-01-01 (you must hide the publication date), and publish the articles (probably with a dummy galley) first there. Later, when it is known in which issue they finally get published, you assign them to this issue and re-deposit the metadata with Crossref.

Hey thanks for the insight. But i was thinking of some other way. What if i publish my future issues first then submit the doi using the export plugin and once the doi is active i unpublish the issue. A bit of cheating. Will this work

Yes, this would work, BUT: It’s not only about the DOI, there is a resolver behind. People using the registered DOI would not find the landing pages on your system. So not to be recommended.