How to receive new OSJ security release notifications

How does one subscribe to receive notifications via email when there is a new OJS release available? Particularly interested in being notified of Security Releases so that we can promptly keep our sites secure. As a site administrator I am never logged into the site except when troubleshooting issues, so the pop-up notification of new releases is of no use to me. I do not want any other announcement notifications so following the Announcements category is not a solution, nor would following every github update be. Do you have an announcement registry somewhere I’m simply missing?

As a workaround, we have a script checking for changes to, however this gives no indication if changes are security-related or not so it’s not ideal.


Hi @freeformsupport,

I’d suggest subscribing to the “Announcements” area of the forum:

I’d like to have a better solution for this in the future, but for now that’s the best place.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec, we’ll give it a try and maybe with some email filtering we can ignore the extra noise.

A quick, if even temporary solution, would be to have a separate area for “Release Announcements”.