How to put some photos or PDF directly on the main page


We want to put some photos or PDF directly an our OJS page (not as a link).
My question in now with what subprogram we would be able to fix that?

Thank you!
Gudrun Rausch

Hi @Rausch,

Can you share a screenshot of what your current behavior looks like? OJS should support a few ways of embedding PDF articles in an HTML page, so I wonder if your server’s MIME type detection is the problem.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I think your question was a bit more basic than @asmecher thought.
You have to enable journal management->system plugin-> generic plugins → Tiny MCE plugin. Then, you can insert HTML code and upload images when filling out most of the standard boxes like in the setup → the look → 5.2 additional content box to display something on the home page.

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