How to publish articles (of an incomplete issue)?

OJS 3+. We are new to OJS and publishing our first article.
Problem 1: (1) Our first article (PDF) is ready to be published. (2) We pressed “Schedule for publication” in the submission, and filled those questions. (3) Then we saw a highlight “Scheduled”. (4) I went to “Issues” and found the article there. But it only shows “Publish Issue” option while we intend to publish issue after few weeks. Now the goal is to make every PDF (article) publish online i.e., to publish articles one by one as we receive PDF from our production department. But I can’t find the option.

Problem 2: There is an an option “Issue Galleys” → “Create Issue Galleys” → “Upload File”. When our each article has its own Galley (PDF), what can be an Issue Galley? Is it one PDF file containing all PDFs (i.e., entire issue in one PDF)?

Hi @zhao

For your first problem, you can’t do that in OJS yet. Articles need to be published in issues, currently. however, there is a Forthcoming Articles plugin that might be able to help you:

For your second problem, yes, that is what an issue galley is. It would be the entire issue in a single galley.


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Thank you sir. Understood!