How to publish an article OJS 3


I am new to OJS. I have created a journal and issue. I have submitted a test article in doc format. after publishing the issue, I can’t see the article (see this link I will be grateful if someone helps me to figure out the problem. Thanks in advance.


Hm, on the link you have provided I can see the article perfectly OK. Can you please describe a bit more what is the problem?

Regards, Primož

Hello primoz,

Sorry for late. Thank you so much for your reply. After asking the questions, I have googled the problem and come to know that an article can be published through the gally. I have just used that process.

Now, I want to know the customization of the look and feel of my site. How can I add a custom banner on my Base site? How can I replace/remove the certain part of footer etc. Is there any step by step documentation so that I can customize my site smoothly. Any idea?

Thank a lot in advance.

Hi @rafiqur,

Some modifications are possible from the UI, please see Setting up a Journal in OJS 3 on

For more advanced modification please look at the

Regards, Primož