How to place footer below everything?

Hi, I’m making some changes in our OJS as requested from my boss and I wanted to change the footer, since current footer is very ugly. I can do it no problem, but for my layout to work, I need the footer to be displayed below site content and Right Sidebar menu, but no matter what I try, the result is the same (see the pictures below).

Here’s how our OJS looks, note the footer’s position:

And I want to make our footer look more or less like this in terms of positioning:

How to do this?

Hi, I wasn’t able to accomplish that with css only.
Maybe you should consider editing the templates, moving the footer block outside div#content and div#main and putting it directly as a child of div#body.
But please consider that there are several footers (at least 4 footer.tpl):

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@piero_tasso, that’s exactly my problem! I tried to find those divs in my footer, but found nothing. :confused:

I didn’t try this, but the footer.tpl in $/templates/article/ in OJS 2.4.8 I would try to edit that part:

on the other hand $/templates/common/footer.tpl is slightly different as it invokes a different template:

In your file system you should find that core:common/footer.tpl is in $lib/pkp/templates/common/footer.tpl.

Thank you. I found the pages you listed, put the footer code below the div, but it’s still mysteriously not working, like nothing changed. And yes, I’ve cleared the cache.

weird, I just edited $/templates/article/footer.tpl and it worked for me:

</div><!-- content -->
</div><!-- main -->
{call_hook name="Templates::Article::Footer::PageFooter"}
{if $pageFooter}
<br /><br />
</div><!-- body -->

now the footer is outside div#main and could be styled with full width.
Of course it will work only for article pages, for other pages you need to edit all the other footer.tpl (at least $/lib/pkp/templates/common/footer.tpl)

Hi @sienp2016,

Have you checked file permissions in cache/t_compile? If they’re not permitting OJS to recompile and store the cached template there, then you won’t see changes to templates taking effect.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team