How to move OJS Website

Hi There,

I am the new sysadmin for the BJMH ( and we are in the process of moving and upgrading our website. I have searched the online forums for help in transferring the files and database from our existing server to our new server, but cannot find any detailed instructions.

We currently run version and want to move the entire site to a new server. We then want to upgrade the server to the latest stable version.

Are there instructions out there for simple steps to enable us to do this?

Hi @Kenton_White,

Have a look at the backup/restore instructions, e.g. in the OxS Quick Reference available from in the documentation page. Moving servers will basically mean performing the backup steps on your old server, then the restore steps on the new one.

Upgrade instructions are included in the OJS package in docs/UPGRADE.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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That’s great! Thanks for such a simple answer…