How to move OJS installation folders

I am looking to move the OJS folders from something like


This system was originally installed with…yes…2.4.2 and no thought was given to the longevity of that link…

Can we just do a rendir on linux and is everything referential in nature or is everything hard coded?

Thank you!

Nothing is hardcoded in the OJS code.

You will want to check your base_url (or base_url[]s). It is also possible someone hardcoded a /ojs-2.4.2/ path in something like the files option.

Beyond that, it is all up to your webserver configuration and external URL references. You may want to setup an alias or re-write rule to help out resolution of third-party links which may have been created on the old URL. With Linux you could also use a symbolic link to make both paths alive at the same time.

Thanks Clinton. We will review those config files. cheers!.

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We have the same issue, as soon we move the installation folder the settings in OJS are messed up, The side panels and blocks disappearing. Our story started with installing the OJS in a sub folder in main domain as we used the sub-domain for our live journal on other platform. We said when we done we just copy it over into sub-domain

but everything messed up and nothing worked. We worked days to change the setting but it seam OJS does not allow for such flexibility. Then we just pointed the sub-domain to the folder. This is a single journal and we wanted to get rid off long URL before we reset our DOI. When I followed the setting you have above the kept coming up. Is there any special way one needs to move the installation between folders?

In your other post, you mention the occurrence of /aro/ in the terminal breadcrumb, except on the article view page.

I reproduced this bug in 2.4.x. I’ll follow up on the other thread when I have a formal bug report.