How to modify $decisionDescriptions variable values for the "Notify Reviewers of Decision" email template?


I use OJS

In the Notify Reviewers of Decision email template, I frequently need to modify the description. E.g. the manuscript is accepted after revisions in the 2nd round review, but the description in the email says We decided to accept the manuscript without revisions.

How can I modify the descriptions to suite my needs?

Thank you for your support.


Regarding email templates, you can add or edit them in the following menu :


Thank you @Muhammad_Al_Madani ,
I need to modify the values for the variable $decisionDescription.

I hope that @asmecher or someone from the developer team can help.


Hi all,

The $decisionDescription variable values are taken from the translations in lib/pkp/locale/en/submission.po (where en is for English, other languages similar). For example, the “Accept” decision description is set in the editor.submission.decision.accept.description locale key.

You can use the Custom Locale plugin, or edit the translation files directly, to customize these.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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