How to manage oai?

how to manage oai like this?

because my oai like this

What do want to do with that record? Having the deleted records show up in OAI is part of the functionality.

titles, descriptions, publisher don’t appear

Yes, that is a deleted record. It is there just to tell other systems that the content that existed with this ID does not exist here anymore.

See: Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - v.2.0

Or is that a article that is published and still available?

how to display titles, descriptions etc? article that is published and still available

It should show the details for published articles. Hard to say why it does not for you without knowing more details.

What version of OJS are you using?
Is your journal website published. I mean can you access it even when you are not logged in to the system?

version :
yes, I can access article without loggen in to the system

Ok, I have to say I have not worked with OJS2 lately because we upgraded to OJS3 already a couple of years ago.

Is it the same thing with all the articles?

Did you try clicking the “Resume” button a couple of times? Usually the deleted records are shown first.

If you go to the site management and edit that journal, is the journal set as visible (sorry can not remember the setting path where to find that in OJS2 anymore)?