How to Make the article title field optional


Is there a way to make article title field optional in OJS submission workflow?

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I’ve a similar kind of request, which is how to change metadata fields to be filled by submitting authors from optional in mandatory and vice versa.
We publish articles and issues in OJS via native xml import and use metadata from submissions to create article galleys (pdf and html). Unfortunately, submitting authors often are sloppy in filling metadata fields and skip fields that are optional. However, we need these fields for galley production (e. g. affiliation).
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Hi @Nada1

The Article title is mandatory for all types of articles, but a workaround is to put a “.” or something small like that in the field. In journal settings/sections, you can also select an option no to display the section in the Table of Contents.

@Sleipnir In OJS 3, you can select what submission metadata should be present on the submission form and whether or not to make it mandatory: Settings/Workflow/Submissions/Submission Metadata

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Hi @Nada1,

if you use a child theme you could try to change this. We had a similar problem with the mandatory country field for authors. I copied the file authorForm.tpl from /lib/pkp/templates/controllers/grid/users/author/form in our child theme and deleted the line countryRequired=true. I guess there is something similar for the title field.
But be aware the backend will receive much more changes than the frontend, so you will need to maintain it much more often.


Hi @OpenAcademia
Thank you! However, the path leads me to the metadata of submissions. What I need is a change from optional to mandatory in the author metadata fields.:slight_smile: