How to link email templates to specific discussions

I would like to link a specific email template to a copyediting/production discussion. How to do it?

For example, OJS

Hi @Valeria_Brancolini,

I think you could right click/Ctrl+click on the link to the message:

You could then paste that in the email.

I would test this out first to make sure it works for you…

PKP Team

@rcgillis , thank you for your answer. That is what we usually do, cut and paste the message.
Indeed I wanted to check if it’s possible to open a dorp down menu from the discussion to pick a template email so that we do not have to copy and paste all the time.
We can pick a template message when we notify the authors from the right-end side panel but there is no way to do it from the discussion, while it would be very useful.
Thank you
Best regards

Hi @Valeria_Brancolini,

The feature you describe is coming soon in OJS/OMP/OPS 3.4.0 – we’re about to start community testing, so feel free to sign up to participate if you’re able and interested in trying it out!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi @asmecher ,
Thank you for your feedback!
I am looking forward to seeing this feature implemented in OJS 3.4.0
Best regards

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