How to integrate author information after review process and before the article is published

Hi everyone,
does anyone know if it’s possible to automatically insert author information (name and organization) after the blind review process and before the article is published?
Or do you have to manually download the article, add the author information and then upload the article again?
Thank you.
Kind regards

Hi @LouiseNaomi,

OJS does not offer functions to change the article file itself. So if you need to change the document to add the names there, the workflow you have sketched out is probably easiest.

To edit the metadata fields of an article, however, you can always access the article data as an editor and then click on “Edit metadata” to change the fields.

Hi @ojsbsb,

thank you very much for your reply.
We will add the name of the author and organization manually :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Louise Naomi