How to insert the text from a .docx, .odt or .pdf into the article? [SOLVED]

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I’ve been using PKP Ojs for a few days and i’m really new to it and to pair-reviewed publications. Given that, I couldn’t figure out a simple thing, witch is how to actually insert the main article file correctly in order to be shown up in the website when i decide to publish it? when i add the file witch is not structured or edited is just a test file to see if it works and to understand how the system in general works but everytime i submit an article it is sent to the journal and is actually published but without the .docx or .odt text in it. It just shows the title, author description but the actual content is not shown up. what am i doing wrong? where i can actually add it and send it to the article? Is there something wrong with my file?

hi there, you need to upload the final version of pdf in the galley, where is the galley is depends on what version of ojs you are using.

galley oj2 3.2
galley oj2 3.1

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Thank you for your help!