How to hide the reviewers 'name when an editor is also author


I would like to know if it is possible to configure Open JS for hiding the reviewer’s name to a particular editor when this editor is also an author of a paper.

Or maybe the solution is to hide the evaluation page of this article to a particular person.

Thank you if you have the solution

Hi @sgeorge,

For the moment, the only way to obscure reviewer information from an Editor is to demote the Editor to Section Editor, whereafter they should only have access to submissions to which they’ve been directly assigned. For the longer term, your use case is one we’re aware of and hopefully we’ll be able to address it better.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I actually have a plugin for this which is working in OJS2. The problem is that it checks a combination of email, first name and last name. So the editor could go around the plugin fairly easily. If the OJS login would be built around ORCID this would be an easy task to solve.

Edit: GitHub - ajnyga/hideEditorOwnArticles: Plugin for Open Journal Systems 2.4x. If one of the journal editors have submitted an article of their own, this plugin will hide all review related information regarding that article.
Feel free to edit if you find it useful.

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has anything changed in this area? Since the scholarly community around our journal is quite small, the editors fairly often publish in the journal themselves. It would be better if they weren’t able to access the review process of their own articles. I have just checked by logging in as the author-editor and one still has access (OJS 3.3).