How to hide main site (For multi-journals), without redirecting to a single journal

Hi There,

I am using OJS

OJS has 3 journals. When i use the link without journal name, (, it will direct to the main site. (Which shows all the 3 journals).

In the site settings, we have a provision to redirect to a single journal, when requesting the main site.

Is there any way,that the main site can be hidden, and only specific journal page links works. Means, only users with specific journal link should direct to that journal. Even though some one with (, should not direct to main site nor a specific journal page.

Any suggestions on this?


I think this is exactly what you want:


Administration > Site Settings > Site Setup > Settings

Uhm… I think the previous answer didn’t focus very well the point about avoiding that the main site redirects on a specific journal.

In my opinion your wish it’s not planned by the standard OJS, but you could reach your goal in different ways. The easy one, that I used for an OMP installation, is about creating a fourth journal completely blank (for example you can call it “Home” and its url will be and redirect the main site on it.

In the blank “Home” journal you can write some information for the visitor (using Setting>Website>Advanced>Additional content) or keep it totally white. You can also restrict the visibility and keep just a login page that none could use, for example. It depends on your goals.