How to hide list of journals?

Hi, guys. Firstly, I would like the PKP team for quick replies and helpful answers. That said, the issue I’m facing is: I have only one journal, but when I go to the “About” page, it shows a list with only my journal in it and it is confusing my users.

It would be better if it goes straight away to the about page. In case you guys are not clear on what the heck I am saying, I have prepared a few prints:

How it is:

How I want it to be:

Hi @sienp2016,

the screenshots show two different About pages: The first one (...index.php/index/about) is the site-wide about page, while the second picture shows the journal specific about page (index.php/[journal-name]/about). These pages are designed to be different for use cases when more than one journal is hosted on the same install.

If you only have one journal, you might like to change the settings so that users are immediately redirected to the journal. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in as site administrator and go to “Site Administration” and then “Site Settings”.
  2. Select your journal’s name as “Journal redirect” and click save.

After that, the site-wide search and about pages are not accessible, as the user is redirected to the journal-specific pages immediately.

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Thank you, @ojsbsb

That was exactly my problem! I’ve followed your instructions and the problem was solved. Thanks again for you support.