How to go to main site homepage from a journal's home

I need to give users the chance to return to main site homepage from within a journal’s site.
When you’re viewing a journal, the journal’s banner leads you to that journal’s homepage, can this behaviour be altered?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi @jascanio

That behavior can be changed only by changing the code.
But, depending on the version you are using, maybe you can add a Custom Block in the sidebar or an additional horizontal navigation menu item.
In OJS 2.4.x there is a Browse block and the link “Other journals” there which leads to the site index page. This link might be difficult to see…


HI @bozana,
Thanks for your reply. I’m using OJS 3.0.2.
Ok. I’ll try what you say.

I think that you could then only use Custom Block plugin – the other two features (additional navigation item and browse block) are still not in 3.0.2…