How to give page numbers to items in different sections

ScholarOne gives the opportunity of publishing individual articles online. They are then organized in a Volume. Thereby different items like articles, book reviews, etc could be arranged in separate sections and given page numbers. How to do this in OJS?

Hi @samiraza28,

See this part of the OJS manual: Chapter 15: Production and Publication

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher. In the section Create Issue it says “The articles will not be published until you publish the issue as a whole.” So the aspect I am trying to bring up is this. We publish articles as soon as they are ready, and not waiting until the whole Issue is ready. But this approach is creating a problem. What? The problem is that for instance if we receive an article and then a book review and then a focus essay, they are all from different categories and in the final stage of the Issue should be put in different sections that start with different continuous page numbers. But until the whole Issue is ready it is difficult to guess the continuous page numbers for each section. So many journals (e.g., T&F journals) publish articles as Latest articles (or Firstview) articles without continuous page numbers–rather each article starting from one to twenty or so. And once the whole issue is ready then they put them with continuous page numbers as well as put different type of items in different sections now with continuous page numbers. I hope I could make sense. Aloha

Hi @samiraza28
Each year, I create and publish an empty issue as the beginning step. I prefer to rename it as “Accepted Manuscripts”. In fact, the forthcoming plugin was doing this job in OJS 3.1, but it’s not yet compatible with OJS 3.2. So, I have to us this method for a while.
Then, I add accepted articles to this issue after preparing (draft) PDF files, and publish them without giving page numbers. By this way, they immediately become online when I click publish.
Later on, I unpublish the article, change the assigned issue, and modify metadata such as page numbers, DOI and references etc. Each article is placed in its assigned section automatically.

@drugurkocak Thank you. This is a useful tip. Aloha