How to get submission title and authors details

I want to display recently published articles using a custom function in my theme.

So far I can manage to display the latest issues with help of @ajnyga

How to get the list of latest articles along with author names by using issue id?

$articleslistDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('PublishedArticleDAO');
			foreach($articles as $article){				 
				$articleId = $article[0]->_data['id'];

I can get only title of the articles, but I want the path and also author names.

OJS 3.0.2

Thanks in advance

You can use

With the path, you can use in a smarty template something like this:
<a href="{url page="article" op="view" path=$article->getBestArticleId()}" class="title">

Thank you,

I will try it.


This method returns only one article from the issue. Am I missing anything?

It definitely should not:

In the issueHandler they are using a similar functions which also includes the journal sections.