How to enable new stat feature on 3.1.2

How to enable this feature on 3.1.2 version, as far I know this is new version on the latest of OJS 3. I already enable usage statistic and browse the admin dashboard but cannot find any menu to activate this feature :



Hi @navotera,

If your OJS instance has been upgraded to version 3.1.2 and your account has access to these statistics, then you should see the dashboard under Statistics > Articles when you are logged into the back-end of your OJS journal(s).


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Hi Katlin

Thank for your reply :blush:
Is it possible to show it on public ?

Hi @navotera, I don’t think these can be made fully public. I think PKP is working on adding this at some point though - there’s an open issue on GitHub here: Add usage report dashboard functionality · Issue #3365 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

Thank you kaitlin, Have a nice day