How to Enable LOCKSS in OJS?

When I enable the PKP PLN, it send an Notification:
The Archive_Tar PHP extension must be installed before the PKP PLN can be enabled.
What is the Archive_Tar PHP, how can I install it?


Hi @xun

What version of OJS are you using? In OJS 2.4, the Archive_Tar PHP module is installed using PHP’s pear command, from the command line on your server. You may need to ask your systems administrator to do this for you.


Hi @jnugent
We use the OJS now.
I am the systems administrator of our journal. I don’t understand what’s the PHP’s pear command.
Where can I find it? Can you show me more details. It will be better if you can provide an image annotation.

Hi @xun

“pear” is a command line utility for installing PHP packages like Archve_Tar. You can read about it here: