How to Edit or remove "About the journal" in frontpage and other sections and pages titles

I am new to OJS
And I don’t want to ruin the stable installation, but I am so curious, tried so hard, about changing some interface text the main of which is “About the Journal” in front page of in about section.
How can I just remove it or even edit it to add my journal name.
Thank you

Hi dear Mohammed
I strongly recommend that you install the latest version of the software. (3.4) In general, you should apply the changes related to the menus dynamically or statically according to the version you are using. In versions 3.1 and above, it is done dynamically in the settings, and in lower versions, you must first create static pages and then make changes in the following file.
You can send the link you want to change for more detailed guidance.
You can also send a direct message in the email so that I can send you the help file that I have created for the changes, it might be helpful.(my email address: