How to download submision files from `OJS` via `REST API`?

How to download submision files from OJS via REST API or by other means?

When I use the entry point /submissions/{submissionId}/files/{submissionFileId} of the REST API I get a JSON with a ‘url’ key like the following$$$call$$$/api/file/file-api/download-file?submissionFileId=19300&submissionId=8579&stageId=3

This URL is correct and I can request it in a browser to download the file.

But when I use the REST API by adding the token apiToken=****** as follows$$$call$$$/api/file/file-api/download-file?submissionFileId=19300&submissionId=8579&stageId=3&apiToken=******

I get a response error:

    "content":"The current role does not have access to this operation",

Hello @me-kell
have you solved the problem? I also need to retrieve the submissions file content via REST API.