How to downgrades plugin?


I’m using OJS 3.1.2-1.
We had the Portico plugin and were using it with FTP. Since few days/months, Portico supports only SFTP. So I tried to upgrades the Portico plugin ( v1_1_0-2 ). Unfortunately, this plugin is only compatible with PHP 7.2 and more. We are on PHP 7.0.

Is it possible to come back to the previous plugin ( portico-v1.1.0-0 ) ? At least, users could export to a zip the issues and then manually export it to Portico.

When I try to do it manually, I got this error: You are trying to downgrade the product “portico” from version [] to version []. Downgrades are not supported.


Hi @njamar,

Other than manually installing a previous version of a plugin (which you could acquire from the github repository for the plugin), there isn’t really a way to “downgrade” from the plugin gallery within OJS. And, overall, downgrading plugins isn’t really recommended.

Also, please note, that the version of OJS (3.1) that you’re using is no longer supported by PKP. I would recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, when it possible.

PKP Team

Hello @njamar

Can you open the version.xml of the plugin and increase the version of the usable plugin more compared to the latest version of that plugin in the release XML block? For example, if the latest version is, you should edit the release value to

I attached the value that you should modify.

Let me know if this work on your side.

OJT Team