How to create XSD format for Index Copernicus?


Plugin has been successfully instaled through the Plugin Gallery on OJS Thanks for developers for a great contribution!

However I faced with an issue - after import in ICI, all articles are duplicated (please see screenshot). Is it somehow related with bilingual instalation of my OJS? My website has two languages - En and Uk. I did not provided Ukrainian metadata yet and left the rows empty, because I thought that it can nake an issue later when I will export them. But I see that even in this case of prevention metadata duplicate.

Is there any solution or is it coming soon?

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Dear @novikoffav

Thank you for your reply. You are right. Articles duplication caused by multilingual installation of OJS. Copernicus plug-in exports meta-data for all installed languages in OJS. As far as I know in your case Ukrainian meta-data should be blank. May be @asmecher can help us.

As solution I can propose to remove duplication manually.

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The plugin installed on didnt work. The file exported successfully but once uploaded to Copernicus web caused the error.


@esciencepress Could you please share your file xml?


Sure, the xml file is attached at;

XML File


Dear @esciencepress
You problem deals with your meta-data. In the article “First Report of Botrytis cinerea Causing Gray Mold Disease on Peach from Pakistan” defined only start page, end page is empty. Please fix this.

For further problem with uploading please use on-line validation tools.

To prettify xml file, please use on-line tool .

xsd scheme available by link

It helps you to understand where is the problem.


I have changed the file settings and then uploaded to IC web. It worked.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I have a problem with my file, I can not upload it and I have this massage in copernicus:
“Podczas importu wystąpił błąd. Sprawdź zgodność xml z dostarczonym xsd.”


Hello @pouriayazdian
Your problem deals with metadata.

Please read this post

Also you can share your xml file. I’ll check it.

thanks a lot


Dear @pouriayazdian

In all your articles number of pages (start page and end page) are empty. Please fill in.


Hi, it seems this doesn’t work. I tried several times uploading to ICI index, but I keep getting some error, it is in Polish, but I think it means the file is not adjusted to xsd. I ran the xml checking tool and it says it is valid, so I don’t know what is the problem…


Hello, @filipi, @esciencepress, @pouriayazdian

In the last days I received several messages that it is impossible to upload the xml file into the Copernicus index. Although the file has been formed correctly. Apparently this can be for two reasons:

  1. Copernicus has changed the format of the xml file. However, this is not mentioned on the site.
  2. Copernicus has problems with server operation.

My guesses are confirmed by the fact that the files that I successfully uploaded last week are not loading now.

In order to find out, I propose to write a letter in support of them.
Do not forget to attach your xml file.


Thanks for your message. I did write to them and explained the problem in detail but their response was less than helpful:
“Data in the form of XML files must be adapted to the Index Copernicus database. Detailed guidelines can be found in the “Import outlets and content” tab.”
So I guess we can’t really rely on them to solve this…


I tried again right now and I managed to import issues to the ICI! It seems they actually did something to fix the problem.


Hello to all,
I have also a problem when uploading.
It shows me a failure in Index Copernicus.
I changed all Pages from and Pages till.
I do not see other mistake when comparing journal import example and the one downloaded from OJS.
Please guys, can you help me to find anyone any solutions?


Hello @martinca

I have verified your xml file. It is ok. Also I successfully uploaded this file to copernicus. Please, check carefully the ISSN of your journal in Copernicus and in OJS setting. In your xml file issn setted as 1318-2951. Is the same value in Copernicus setup panel? If you steel got an error, please fill free to write me.

With regards, Oleksii.


Thank you so much Oleksii for your kind help!

Exactly this was the problem - I haven’t had on ISSNs clicked CURRENT.
Please, also for other people - check your ISSNs!

It would never crossed my mind that the problem can be in this.

BIG THANK you Oleksii!!

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Hello Oleksii,
I am so sorry to use your kindness again, but can I ask - this only journal number, didn’t go through. Do you see any mistake in it?
It was the only one, that OJS plug in make their Page numbers correct (from to), I didn’t need to refix the numbers. But there need to be another mistake. (Validator says its ok).


Dear @martinca

On my eye it is ok. If I were you, I would do a following steps:

  1. Open xml file in notepad++ or other text editor
  2. Find <article> and correspended to it</article> tag
  3. Remove all <article>... </article> with it content, except first one
  4. Try to upload to Copernicus

This steps mean that you want export only first article from your issue.

If it is ok, leave two articles and try to upload. This steps allow you to identify where is the problem.