How to create page for News (that similar with announcement page)?

Hi everyone, i am new with OJS
I wanna ask question:

  1. i want to create a page that we can always update news (add/edit/delete) and show the news on the homepage block just like the announcement shows on the homepage. So, is there any plugin / solution that I can use to create page to update News ?

Sorry for any inconvenience . Your help is much appreciated :smile:

The best solution would probably be to publish this news in a blog (or similar Content Management System), and embed an RSS feed from the blog into OJS.

User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Generic Plugins → External Feeds

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Actually I already use External Feeds for research highlight. Can we duplicate the plugin ?so that new section (example: News) can be add to the homepage block .
Also, I want to store the News in the database

Hi all,
Now I put news under announcement (there is Type to permit you categorize announcements). So now my question is,

  1. On the homepage (also on the announcement page), can we show the list of announcement according to the type ? (which mean that the name of Type will be show on the homepage)


Hi @rabaah,

You would need to modify the software to achieve that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team