How to create and "connect" a new prepared email

Hello everyone,

I was recently hired and I am in charge of the organization of a conference, for which the Open Conference System is used. The website has been created way before my arrival and I am therefore not so familiar with what has been made before : as the website has already been used several years (my university organizes yearly such a conference) and partly administred by some “noob” (ie non computer-scientists - which is also my case), some unorthodox methods and so on might have been used.

Now you know the general situation, here is my question : how do I create a new prepared email, and, most importantly, connect it to the right “place” ? What I mean is I am trying to create some new emails for accepting / declining / accepting subject to some major changes / accepting with suggestions, and of course to connect them to the proper “action”.

At first I thought I could simply change the content of the previous prepared emails, that were sent last year for instance. However, I noticed that the person who was in charge of this task before me created new ones every year. So I tried myself to create new ones and naming them with the templates’ names that I thought could fit, but it doesn’t work. I read the documentation but it doesn’t say much about prepared email. Any idea about what I should do ?

I apologize for my poor English added to my noob language… It’s really the first time I’m in charge of a website and I am really stucked on this. I hope my question is still understandable… I can of course give some further details if needed. Thanks in advance !

Hi @ClairedB,

Typically the relationship between the email templates and the workflow is fixed – users won’t normally create additional email templates and link them into the workflow, they’ll just modify the existing templates. These templates are specific to each event, meaning that when you create a new conference it’ll populate it with the default text, and that modifying the text for one conference won’t alter the email templates for another.

For privileged users (e.g. conference managers, directors, and track directors) it’s possible to compose a new message with any template you like by specifying the template parameter in the URL when viewing the http://.../index.php/myConference/myScheduledConference/user/email form (with myConference and myScheduledConference according to your website). It’s possible that your previous admin was using this.

It’s also possible that your previous admin modified the software.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Thank you very much for this clear answer. I will try to fix all this tomorrow (I’ve made several tests now, some of which may not have been the best idea ever…) and I will tell you how it went.



Everything works perfectly fine now ; I’ll just have to clean some mess (ie, the attempts of creating new templates / messages !) and it will be ok.

Thanks again for your quick answer !