How to create a download button

Please how do I create a download button like the one seen in this image on my ojs site

Hello @eddy_abasiada

Do you want, that pdf button download pdf and not open the pdf reader?


Yes I want the pdf button downoad

hello @eddy_abasiada
you should upload a galley
and disable reader pdf on you administration.

Then, button would be “download” and not “reader”

Thanks for your reply so far but that image I uploaded was a sample site. Look at my own site
I want that type of button on my page

Thanks a lot. Please I have something else for you to help me out in

I tried using the custom block editor but whenever I add something, it does not appear on my sidebar

Hi @eddy_abasiada

Maybe you have already resolved this problem of the custom block not appearing in the sidebar, but it sounds like it may be a simple solution:

In Settings → Website → Appearance you will find a Sidebar Management section where you can drag and drop the custom block you want to have appear in the sidebar.

Best wishes,