How to cite display error

Dear all,

in the article overview there are errors in the “how to cite” section, e.g. if there are two authors the ‘&’ should replace the ‘,’:

And the “Vom” should be written with a small capital letter…
How can I change this?


Hi @akku,

The Citation Style Language plugin that displays “how to cite” on articles uses an external library/service to generate the citation styles, so it can’t be changed using the plugin, it has to be changed in the library. If you think there is an error in how a citation is being displayed in a particular style, I suggest you file an issue in the Citation Style Language repository. Also you should check first that there isn’t an existing issue for the error.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @astevens

ok, I submitted a new issue: redundant comma in APA style · Issue #3747 · citation-style-language/styles · GitHub

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