How to change the heading title of Registration page or Journals list page

Hello every one, I am using ojs 2.4.7, when I go to register for a new journal as a new user there I found a list of journals published in my ojs but I want to change the heading, breadcrumb and site title on browsers tab. (Image is added to describe more in red ovals.)

somehow I have found a page from where they are coming from (/lib/pkp/templates/common/header.tpl) here If I change istead of $pageTitle and $pageCrumbTitle by directly change my website’s name (I know PHP programming) , than it’s ok, but since it is a common header, It effects other pages heading titles.

I want to change all three of them with my website’s name.
Please guide me how can I do so?

This is the Site Title. See User Home → Site Administrator → Site Settings.


Thanks for your reply. I have already done this task (site title name) in your given path, and the title is already showing in the header of the image which I uploaded earlier in my post. Once again I have done so, and after saving I have also cleared the cache files but still the problem remains same.

I have tried it in both ojs versions 2.4.6 and 2.4.7, both are giving me the same result for my path (In my case)


I don’t know what went wrong with me.

Indeed. That’s weird.

I think the template is missing a pageTitle assignment.

Should probably be:
{assign var="pageTitle" value="user.register"}
before line 12.

See: pkp/pkp-lib#842: Add page title to Site Registration. by ctgraham · Pull Request #646 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

Hurray, It worked,
Thanks dude

I just added {assign var=“pageTitle” value=“user.register”}
before line 12.
All three positions are showing now title"Register"
and It worked with both ojs 2.4.6 and 2.4.7
and thanks for adding the same solved problem in github