How to change submission pge in admin area


I need to change submission page for admin. Specifically need to change the text of the submission page

Where can i find that. Please guide. In which file directory of OJS

@asmecher It will be kind of you to guide me through the process. I want to change some text on the main landing page of the submission area for admin user in OJS


Hi @a2usmani,

The Submissions page pulls information from the Workflow settings. Any information entered into the Submission Checklist and Author Guidelines fields will appear on this page.

Does this help to answer your question?

Thank you,



@kshuttle Thankyou for your answer. Actually I pointed out the wrong area. I want to change hard coded text in the following page of Submission. Please see the below image and you will get the idea



I want to replace the whole page with a blank page. Like posting a notice for the admins


did you look at the CustomLocale plugin? This one allows to change phrases across the whole system, so also in the backend.


I am using OJS So It doesn’t have it. I couldn’t find it.

Can you guide me that either I can remove the text or change it


I can add a popup like something as soon as the admin logins which shows some text. Is it possible easily

I would recommend that you first update to version 3.1 (supporting the .xml locale files) or higher (3.2 and higher supporting the .po locale files).
The CustomLocale plugin can be found and installed via plugin gallery then.
See also How to Use the Custom Locale Plugin for Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS)

Of course in 3.0 you can the change the .xml files in your {ojs_root_directory}/locale/ , but this affects all your hosted journals and has a high maintenance cost. Using CustomLocale, you can change phrases by journal.

For usability and accessibility reasons, I would recommend against using popups. Many browsers have popup blocking enabled.

But according to your previous post above, it rather seems that you want to disable submissions at all?

I want to replace the whole page with a blank page. Like posting a notice for the admins

See Workflow Settings > Disable Submissions.

Otherwise, if you want to change this part of the backend at all, you are at your own. OJS has been designed as it is.