How to change path of OJS if already installed on root

Hi Support Team
I have OJS working already on the root path of the domain, my objective is to have wordpress or any custom webpage to place on the root and put the journal in subfolder setup e.g. is currently my ojs location now I want

how to achieve this safely?

Do you have any extension or known plugins to work with wordpress? so we can design our website in wordpress and fetch some of the parts of ojs to wordpress? thanks

  1. Move all OJS files to subfolder.
  2. Set the file path “files_dir” in the config file to the new location.
    Doing these will be enough.

@kerimsarigul thanks, actually I wanted to keep the files_dir location the same, so my understanding now is: simply move all of the ojs files to sub folder and thats all, no need to change the files_dir

Yesss @doneforyou. Thats all.

If you have pages like the picture, you need to change the links on the pages.


If you enabled them, update your base_url variables in your
And also remember to update any url reference to the new path.


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