How to change editorial decision on QuickSubmit articles in 3.4? [OJS]

Is it still possible to change an editorial decision on a submission that has been uploaded through QuickSubmit in 3.4? This was possible in 3.3 but I’m unable to do it now.

Here’s the situation: a new journal is migrating to York’s service. The editor uploaded duplicates of an article through QuickSubmit. We have unassigned the duplicate from the issue but the submission still appears in the active submission queues for editors.

In the past it was possible to go back to the Review stage and change the decision to reject the submission to clear it from the active queues to send it to the Archive. However, in that stage in 3.4 I only see that the submission has been scheduled for publication with no option to change the decision.

How can I change the editorial decision in 3.4? Alternatively, how can I clear the submission from the active queues and send it to Archive?

Did you find any solution for changing the status of submission?
We need to change editorial decision and to sent the submission to archive.
Ojs version 3.4