How to automatically add DOI numbers

In the OJS 3.1.0, how to automatically add the DOI numbers in each articles.

Have you checked the documentation: PKP Docs - Documentation for OJS, OMP and all of the Public Knowledge Project's software and look for the CrossRef and DOI.
The idea is that you first register at CrossRef, then configure DOI in OJS. An article gets DOI once scheduled for a publicaiton in certain issue number.

Regards, Primož

Dear primozs:
Yes, I have registered at Crossref and are assigned DOI prefix. I checked the link you mentioned. It only has the entrees of the Issue DOI but not the DOIs for each articles. Do you some good suggestions?


Please read it again, majority of time it is about articles, not issues:

[A DOI is] a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object – in this case, an electronic journal article or a book chapter. In the Crossref system, each DOI is associated with a set of basic metadata and a URL pointer to the full text, so that it uniquely identifies the content item and provides a persistent link to its location on the internet.

Regards, Primož